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Midway's Staff

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  • Todd Carter, Commercial Fleet Director

    My name is Todd Carter, Commercial/Fleet Director. In 1996 I arrived in the Valley with Chevrolet. After I developed myself in the automotive business and client relations, I found my calling in Commercial/Fleet and enjoy working business-to-business.  I have been married for 16 years and have two wonderful teenagers, Evan and Sydney. When I am not putting your business first, my family and I are spending our time outdoors. We greatly enjoy sports, golfing and traveling. I look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Steve Shrimp, Commercial Sales Manager

  • Matt Snider, Sales / Finance Manager

  • Brian McKenna, Sales / Finance Manager

    Hello! My name is Brian McKenna. I was raised on a farm in Western New York and worked for the Department of Corrections until 2000, when I decided to retire my snow shovel. I have been working in the Automobile industry for the last 13 years, focusing on finance and commercial customers. When I am not working with our team on serving and satisfying customers, you will find me on a golf course or in front of the BBQ grill.

  • Larry Israel, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Phil Cassata, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • CJ Lewis, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Kenny Perkins, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Correy Hatt, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Bill McDowell, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    My name is Bill McDowell, I am the Commercial Fleet Manager at Midway Chevrolet Isuzu.
    Being in Business-to-Business sales in the Valley for the last 35 years, I understand time is money, and I would like to know if I could have 30 minutes of your time, if it meant saving your company money in the long run.

    Because there are never enough hours in a day, sometimes we get comfortable with companies we are purchasing from, or the relationships we share, and don't always take the time to do a competitive comparison.

    I would simply like an opportunity to show you my pricing on the vehicles you are currently using, servicing, and buying parts for. Simple as that! If your current vendor is doing what they should be on sales, parts, & service, that's terrific. If they aren't, Shame on them.
    I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and I refuse to be undersold!

  • Bill Clemson, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    Hello, my name is Bill Clemson, but my friends and family refer to me as, "The old guy who would rather work than retire." I have specialized in Isuzu trucks for 19 years and find the time has flown by. I have been blessed with three successful children and a wonderful gal who has put up with me for 40-plus years. Through the years, my wife and I have enjoyed our time with our two horses, three yellow labs, and an alley cat, but all are gone now. I look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Jim Freistroffer, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I moved to Phoenix when I was 18 months old. I've watched the Valley move though many changes. My first job, at 15, was working a hamburger stand inside Fedmart. I've been married to a wonderful woman for 31 years and have 2 grown boys. My oldest son is married with a 2-year-old daughter. Before coming into the Commercial Fleet Industry, I worked in the Food Service Industry for 32 years. I look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Kurt Roberts, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    My name is Kurt Roberts. I have been selling Chevrolet trucks since 1987 and have a strong passion for what I do. When I began I knew very little about the auto industry. I threw myself into any classes or training I could get my hands on and have excelled in Chevrolet Commercial and Isuzu trucks. Being straight-forward and no nonsense - along with my attention to detail - has earned me numerous accounts and countless friendships.

    When I am not working, I can be found spending time with my family and our pets. We enjoy riding our horses, fishing, camping, hunting and occasionally scuba diving. I have recently moved to Arizona from Las Vegas and travel often to the Southwest, visiting family and friends as often as I can. I look forward the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Monte Hoskins, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    My name is Monte Hoskins. I Spent 38 years in the Seattle area before leaving the clouds and rain behind when my family moved to Phoenix in 2007.

    I have over 25 years of owning, running and now serving business in all aspects. My experiences have taught me how to properly help business find the most effective and profitable solutions to the challenges businesses face in this changing economy.

    When I am not working, I am spending time with my family or doing things related to aviation.

  • Ralph Miller, Commercial Service Advisor

    40 years in biz
    Golf every Sunday keeps him dreaming of the senior tour

  • Dan Brinkman, Commercial Advisor

    Dan has worked in a variety of fields from motorcycles to banking and have found a commonality in every business, Customer Service. That is what he brings to Midway. His passion is to make my workplace excellent, and find the opportunities to make it better for myself, my workmates and my customers.

    He enjoys traveling, being active, and my family, and not always all of those things at the same time. He has a couple unfinished custom motorcycles and an old Buicks he is currently working on, in between chasing kids and an ever-growing list of household chores.

    Dan loves camping, most sports, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, the ocean, my family and living with a smile.

  • Brian Doeden, Commercial Service Advisor

    30 years in biz
    The entertainer- keeps us laughing at work

  • Nathan Boisvert , Commercial Service Advisor

    Place of Birth: Phoenix, Az

    Nate brings 17 years of Automobile Experience,  Professional Development, Selling Service, Dynamic leadership and won Dealership walk around competition.

    In his free time Nate enjoys playing around of Golf. Softball, Coaching, Fitness and spending time with this kids.  He spent his childhood summer working on a farm.