Midway's Staff

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  • Midway Fleet & Commercial Team, Phoenix, AZ

  • Gregg Ball,
    Commercial Fleet Director

    Gregg is a 25 year veteran and Midwestern Transplant from Kansas City to the Arizona Automobile business. He joined Midway in 2001. Spent 8 years helping to build our Commercial Sales and Service departments specializing in Small Business customers around the Southwest. Worked with most of Arizona's Trade organizations and Commercial Truck vendors during that period. Moved into Midways Government Procurement department after the retirement of the previous long time employee, Government Fleet manager Tim Herrle

    Our Government sales and service department specializes in assisting all State and Local Public Agencies including our Cities, Counties, Towns, Tribal Communities, Schools, Universities, Police and Fire Departments with their Fleet and Vehicle needs. On contract we offer; Cars, Trucks, Vans, Police Vehicles, and Medium Duty Cab Chassis, Parts and Service. Call or email anytime with questions or concerns regarding your vehicle needs.

  • Chris Sandillo, Commercial Finance Director

  • Matt Snider, Commercial Sales / Finance Manager

  • Alexandria Reilly, Commercial Sales Coordinator

    Alexandria has been in the Automotive industry for 10 years. Originally from Washington State, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking and camping at the lake. Growing up, going to the drag strip to watch her uncle race his 1963 Plymouth, she's been passionate about cars for a long time.  She also likes spending time with family and friends.

  • Phil Cassata, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager - Nissan

  • Justin Dahl, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Lee Embley, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Fernando Guijosa,
    Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Mike Hetherington, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Larry Israel, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Mike Kellogg, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    Mike has over 31 years in the automobile business. He enjoys horses, boating and riding motor cycles. He also is an Iowa Hawkeye Fan.

  • Forest Link, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Bill McDowell, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    My name is Bill McDowell, I am the Commercial Fleet Manager at Midway Chevrolet Isuzu.
    Being in Business-to-Business sales in the Valley for the last 35 years, I understand time is money, and I would like to know if I could have 30 minutes of your time, if it meant saving your company money in the long run.

    Because there are never enough hours in a day, sometimes we get comfortable with companies we are purchasing from, or the relationships we share, and don't always take the time to do a competitive comparison.

    I would simply like an opportunity to show you my pricing on the vehicles you are currently using, servicing, and buying parts for. Simple as that! If your current vendor is doing what they should be on sales, parts, & service, that's terrific. If they aren't, Shame on them.
    I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, and I refuse to be undersold!

  • Matthew Petrosky, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager - Nissan

  • Kurt Roberts, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

    My name is Kurt Roberts. I have been selling Chevrolet trucks since 1987 and have a strong passion for what I do. When I began I knew very little about the auto industry. I threw myself into any classes or training I could get my hands on and have excelled in Chevrolet Commercial and Isuzu trucks. Being straight-forward and no nonsense - along with my attention to detail - has earned me numerous accounts and countless friendships.

    When I am not working, I can be found spending time with my family and our pets. We enjoy riding our horses, fishing, camping, hunting and occasionally scuba diving. I have recently moved to Arizona from Las Vegas and travel often to the Southwest, visiting family and friends as often as I can. I look forward the opportunity to earn your business.

  • Gordon Byrn, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Agustin Guerrero, Commercial Fleet Sales Manager

  • Dan Galaviz, Commercial Service Advisor

    Dan has (8) months in the Service Industry, I enjoy camping, hunting and fishing and spending my off me with the family.

  • Mike Lewis, Commercial Service Advisor

  • Brian Doeden, Commercial Service Advisor

    30 years in biz
    The entertainer- keeps us laughing at work

  • Ralph Miller, Commercial Service Advisor

    40 years in biz
    Golf every Sunday keeps him dreaming of the senior tour