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        Hello my name is Dave Murdough. As the Corporate liaison for the Midway Corporation, it is my pleasure to inform all of my current customers that I have been given the opportunity to assist all of you with your vehicle purchases regardless of make or model. Whether you are in the market for a Lincoln or a Lexus, a Ford or a Chevrolet, whatever you are looking for, I can assist you and make the process more pleasurable. Often too many times people ready to purchase a vehicle whether because the one they have is ready to be replaced or sometimes even an accident will cause them to rush into a purchase. They are pushed and bullied into the sale and even end up with vehicles that they didn't originally want.

        That's where I come in. I will meet with you and determine what kind of vehicle you are looking for. Then I will personally take you to the dealer and introduce you to the Sales Manager. Once he locates the vehicle for you and determine the price, I will do a state wide search on the price to determine that you are getting the best deal. Once the deal is made, I introduce you to the service manager so in the event you need service work you will know just who to go to. That's it!!! I work for you and it doesn't cost you a penny. Saving you time as well as money and putting the excitement of purchasing a new vehicle in your hands.

        Changing the way to purchase a vehicle and making new friends. I look forward to assisting you in all your sales and service needs.

 Dave Murdough
      2201 W. Bell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85023
Cell: 602-501-4472