Advanced Temperature Control offers a line of Direct Drive van and truck refrigeration products to meet the requirements of today's competitive markets. With an extensive dealer network providing coverage throughout North America, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico which offers both installation and on-going service support, Advanced Temperature Control gives you the peace of mind and confidence you require to support your mobile refrigeration needs.

The development of temperature-controlled products is growing at a rate that is more than double the rate of growth in non-temperature controlled products. Since its inception, mobile refrigeration has continued to improve as the demand has increased. Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods like flowers, bakery, and dairy products, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals and even goods that require dual temperature settings during transport, are all made easier with a refrigerated solution from ATC and Midway Commercial.


Choosing the right system for your refrigerated delivery truck or van can be overwhelming. ATC offers several types of refrigeration units to meet your distribution needs. Whether it's a fleet or a single delivery van, their direct drive refrigeration systems perform consistently. Your confidence is assured in knowing your fresh and frozen goods are safe, kept at the perfect temperature by reliable ATC refrigeration units.

  • ATC has delivered quality engineered solutions for over 25 years.
  • Delivering temperature and time-sensitive goods are made easier with a proven, dependable refrigerated solution from ATC.
  • ATC's refrigeration units do not require "special" diagnostic equipment or software for the units to be repaired and serviced.
  • ATC's electrical power distribution components are readily available and don't require brand specific components.
  • ATC has a proven record of ensuring fresh deliveries and achieving business objectives.
  • Simplicity; Designed To Perform and Built To Last.


Many businesses are looking to add smaller more fuel efficient vehicles to their delivery fleet. Over the years Advanced Temperature Control has continuously updated and improved refrigeration units for cargo vans.

From a small cargo van to a high roof extended wheel base van, we have you covered with a wide selection of systems, available for medium or low temperature.


Advanced Temperature Control's Nose Mount transport refrigeration systems are designed to operate with a direct drive compressor. All units are supplied with ABS (UV) protected covers, In-Cab control with digital cargo box temperature display, condenser fan cycle control and high/low pressure protection.

Over the years ATC has continuously updated and improved their systems and offer a wide selection of solutions, engineered for medium or low temperature operation depending on the temperature requirement for the cargo area.

Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) is a division of Arctic Traveler (Canada) Limited located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, approximately one hour drive from Buffalo, New York. Arctic Traveler was originally founded in 1960 and has always focused on the application of Air-Conditioning, Heating, Pressurization and Refrigeration of cabins and cargo areas of mobile vehicles, both on-road and off-road. In 1990, Arctic Traveler developed the Advanced Temperature Control (ATC) line of direct drive transport refrigeration solutions for vans and trucks.


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